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"Worship drumming has evolved over the years. Before there was no curriculum able to translate the style of fills used in CCM. Timothy has cracked the code. This book is the missing piece to empower drummers to understand the genre and explore their own creativity."




"This is must have content if you are a worship drummer. It breaks down very complex fills with content for everyone, whether you prefer visual or written, and makes it very easy to learn. As a beginner it has made my life a lot easier."




"The 45 Worship Fills & Builds e-book is a fantastic tool to add to any drummer's arsenal, even outside of the worship space.  The fills and builds are all notated, and accompanied by a video link. The videos are super helpful because you get to see these fills/builds in fast and slow tempos, and then see how those pieces sound with an actual groove. It has been a blast working these new fills and builds into my drumming. Worth every penny!"



"This e-book has been very beneficial to me as a drummer. Even though there are some difficult fills to execute, he does a phenomenal job breaking it down in slower tempo so we can understand it better and with the groove beat leading to the next down beat. I highly recommend this e-book if you need your Worship fills and builds to sound great and unique."


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