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Timothy Cincala
Feb 05, 2024
In Challenges
For the first one I want you to learn the Verse 2 part of This Is Amazing Grace. It is such a fun part and would love to see you guys playing it!   Here is the challenge overview: 1. Learn the exact drum part: Here are all the necessary resources: Video breakdown: ( Scribe link: Song Tutorial:   2. Record yourself playing it: Create a video of you playing the beat with the song. Don't get caught up on the quality, anything where we can see you and hear the part is good enough!   3. Share your video under this post: After you learn it and record it, all you have to do is post it in the comments. 4. Win a giveaway: At the end of February, I will randomly choose a winner who will get a FREE W( Drummer Definition T-shirt!(!!   We will run the challenge from today, February 5th all the way to February 29th, so you have almost the whole month to enter.
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